Happiness is owning a few copies of Harpoon

Rather than being an exhaustive Harpoon site, HarpoonPages will act more like the Yellow Pages in drawing together references to other Harpoon resources. That said, whle many of the hosted scenarios may find a home on other sites, the unique archive of files and utilities you are familiar with will still be here.

IRC Channel

Some of us get together and chat on IRC at #harpgamer on the server irc.stratsims.com.
We invite you to come join us for Harpoon (and other) discussions.

The channel is most active between noon GMT and 4 AM GMT. For those of you in North America that's between 8 AM EST and Midnight EST. In Australia that's around 9 PM to Noon.

New Harpoon Player Bios to Come!

With the frequent changes to the site that are expected, please come back often to see the difference. We are looking forward to soliciting short (Auto)Biographies of Harpoon Players around the world. Look for more information in a month or two on how to participate.


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