HULL Bio - Chris Carlson

Age: 36
Married with 5 kidlets
Live in Lorton, Virginia (close to Larry's place).

Graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Mechanical Engineering degree, specializing in electrical power generation and propulsion. Received my commission in the U.S. Navy via the NROTC unit and was in the second to last group of Midshipmen to be interviewed by Adm Rickover for acceptance into the Navy's Nuclear Power Program. I made it and spent 6 months in Orlando, Florida, during the summer and spending most of the day in a school room. I then went to Idaho Falls, Idaho to get qualified on the Nautilus' reactor plant - the Nautilus had been retired by that point. Did the normal stint in New London, CT at Sub school and went to the USS Lafayette (SSBN 616). She's now razor blades. Got out of the active Navy due to a slight health problem that kept me off subs and joined the Naval Reserve Intel Program where I'm a LCDR.

Locked on to the original Harpoon miniatures game in August 1981 and fell in love instantly. Ship Commander was no treat to play! Met with Larry that December when he came home for Christmas and have been involved with Harpoon ever since.


Technical assistant on Harpoon second edition, 1983.
Technical Assistant on Harpoon third edition, 1987.
Contributed numerous scenarios for Battles From the Third World War, 1987.
Technical assistant on Red Storm Rising computer game by Micropose, 1988.
Technical assistant on Harpoon and Harpoon2 computer games
Technical designer for ASW Forms (modified sonar rules) 1990.
Primary author of the Troubled Waters supplement, 1992.
Co-designer of Command at Sea, WWII tactical naval warfare, 1994
Technical consultant to Tom Clancy on the Submarine, Armored Cav, and Fighter Wing non-fiction books
Co-designer of Harpoon4 miniatures game, 1996.

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